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How do we check foils for you?

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art control and measurement equipment, which allows ongoing production control, improvement of the properties of the films on offer and work on the introduction of new products:

A device that allows the measurement of thickness, equipped with an inductive sensor, with an exchangeable spring, depending on the required contact pressure It is tailored with a computer program that records the individual measurements and converts the average  value (according to ISO 4593).

Used to test the strength of the film and to determine the degree of elongation, i.e. to check the mechanical properties of the film (as per standard ISO 527)

Used to check the quality of the film before it is used on packaging machines  and to develop optimum sealing conditions. It allows to obtain a weld of the width of 10 mm  and then determine the tensile strength of the weld on the testing machine (according to ISO 527)

Shrinkage test device for heat shrinkable films, providing the ability to test shrinkage under the influence of temperature

Allows the friction coefficient parameter to be determined (according to ISO 8295)

A device for checking film thickness

A device for testing oxygen transfer (OTR) through films and packaging.

A device designed to determine the melt flow rate MFR and MVR according to ISO 1133

A device used to check humidity in raw materials and regranulate

A device is designed to determine the impact resistance of plastic films using the free-falling blade method

Device for testing  / checking the degree of opacity of tinted films

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