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mattress films
The films used for mattresses packing represents single- or three-layer LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE films. Particular types of polyethylene plastic and wide range of modifying agents are selected to meet the needs and requirements of out customers.
foamed polystyrene films
Films used for foamed polystyrene packing is single- or three-layer taper form, either transparent or full-body coloured, with flexographic imprints in up to 8 colours. Because the foamed polystyrene plates are packed in uniform way, SŁAWPOL Company prepared individual recipe for this films.
yachting films
Films used for packing the hulls of boats and other boat components, and also kayaks are produced from LDPE heat-shrink films granulated plastic. Yacht films shall meet one main requirement – it should protect load during storing and transporting.

Home Page

The ZPHU SŁAWPOL Sławomir Kalinowski Company specializing in production of PE sheeting and foil packing materials has been continuing its activity since 1992.

Our aspiration is to consolidate, among our current and potential customers, the position we have been reached as a specialized supplier of product and services in plastics domain.

In order to strengthen our on domestic and European markets we have decided to introduce the quality control system ISO 9001: 2000, now the version ISO 9001:2008.
Bearing in mind that company’s development depends on customers’ satisfaction, we would like to supply products of high and stable quality. We are striving to achieve lower costs, better work efficiency and continuous modernization of out machinery stock.

A profound engagement of company’s owners and all staff of SŁAWPOL create a team-oriented cooperation and personal responsibility for quality. In-service training courses, providing satisfactory working conditions and wages for solid carrying out the tasks assigned advantageously influence the identification with the company.